The Month of Borrowed Dreams the fourth of my Finfarran series of novels is on  
pre-order now and comes out on June 7th 2018 .  

The Mistletoe Matchmaker book #3 in the series was published by Hachette Irl in October 2017 

Summer at the Garden Café book #2 in the series was published by Hachette Irl in May 2017. 

A second edition comes out April 2018.

The Library at the Edge of the World book #1 in the Finfarran series, was published in 2016. 

IN THE US AND CANADA  The Library at the Edge of the World  was published in November 2017, by Harper Perennial. 

 " A delicious feast of a novel. Sink in and feel enveloped by the beautiful world of Felicity Hayes-McCoy." ~ Cathy Kelly
" A charming and heartwarming story." ~ Jenny Colgan
"Engaging, sparkling, and joyous." ~ The Sunday Times

IN THE US AND CANADA Summer at the Garden Café will be published by Harper Perennial  in September 2018. 

You can pre-order it now from your choice of online sites.

Barnes & Noble:
Google Play:

Translation rights in The Library at The Edge of The World have been sold to Germany, Italy, Holland, France, China and South Korea, available from 2017. Summer at the Garden Café will be published in France in summer 2018.



Dingle And Its Hinterland: People, Places and Heritage was published in 2017 by The Collins Press. It's a cultural guide to the western end of the Dingle peninsula, illustrated by photos taken by myself and Wilf Judd; with a conversation with someone who lives or works in the area at the core of each chapter. It also features black and white archive photography and specially commissioned maps.

In 2015 The Collins Press commissioned a lifestyle book illustrated with photographs taken by myself and Wilf Judd called  Enough Is Plenty: The Year on the Dingle Peninsula


A Woven Silence: Memory, History and Remembrance  ,also published by The Collins Press in 2015, centres on my family's complex loyalties and involvements at the time of Ireland's 1916 Rising.

My memoir The House on an Irish Hillside was published by Hodder & Stoughton UK in 2012.  The unabridged audio book produced and published by Crimson Cats Audiobooks was released in Spring 2014. 

The eponymous house is in Corca Dhuibhne, Ireland's Dingle Peninsula, which is the westernmost inhabited place in mainland Europe. National Geographic Magazine called it 'the most beautiful place on earth'. 
I fell in love with the area at the age of seventeen, when I first went there to study the Irish language. Now forty years later, my husband and I live and work both there, in a stone house on a mountainside, and in an inner-city flat in London, England.

Many of my children's stories have appeared in spin-off collections from tv and radio programmes: my work for children is published by O'Brien Press. 


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