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There are different stages to writing a novel.  The initial inspiration which seems to happen in dream time, when you wake one morning - or pause in the midst of cooking or doing your laundry - with a fully formed concept in your mind.  The hours, and sometimes days, you spend crafting a pitch for your editor, which needs to demonstrate the essence of your book in a few paragraphs.  The period of meticulous plotting which, in my case, involves squared paper and coloured markers. And then the long months of writing when you live in a sort of cocoon. Then finally, after the copy edit, there's the proof stage, when you're back to colour - this time a red pen. At the moment I'm finishing the proofs of The Month of Borrowed Dreams, the fourth Finfarran novel about local librarian Hanna Casey and her neighbours. It's set in May time on Ireland's western seaboard and, given that we're well into April, the pages I'm reading should descri