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The First Finfarran Book Crosses The Atlantic

Well, look at this. My North American debut. When I was an actress I thought that word only applied to performance but, no, it's what publishers say about books as well. Actually, the dictionary definition is as follows:- A person's first appearance or performance in a particular capacity or role. Synonyms: first appearance, first showing, first performance, launch , launching, coming out, entrance , premiere , beginning , introduction , inception , inauguration. informal: kick-off .   I love "informal: kick-off " . I may substitute it for "debut" in conversation from now on. I've always been a sucker for synonyms and dictionary definitions, which is one of the reasons why working with my US editor on The Library at the Edge of the World has been such fun. The book, the first in my "Finfarran" series of novels, is already available, with two others, acros