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Reflecting The Rising

Somewhere in this photo are twenty year old Marion Stokes of Enniscorthy, her twenty four year old brother Tom and their fifteen year old brother Patrick. The Easter Rising of 1916 has just ended and along with their comrades in Cumann na mBan, The Irish Volunteers and Fianna Éireann, they're being marched out of Enniscorthy's Athenaeum, the last garrison in Ireland to surrender. Marion, who was my grandmother's cousin, lived to be eighty seven. When my mother and aunts were growing up she was like a sister to them. I remember her well from my own childhood and she died when I was at university. While she was alive I never heard of her involvement in the 1916 Rising. According to my mother, she 'didn't like to talk about it.' So I don't know the nuances of what drove Marion and her brothers to take up arms and fight for an independent Ireland. But I know that the Proclamation of Independence read out from the steps of the GPO in Dublin guarant