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Home For Halloween

Halloween is the hag at the gate ...

... apples gathered from the garden ....

... onions hanging in the trees to dry ....

... and their nourishment combined to make spicy chutney.

It's toasted brack with butter and blackcurrant jam, eaten after long walks on shining October beaches ....

... and jelly snakes in a bowl in the porch, waiting for those who brave the hag and come knocking.

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Libraries at The Edges of The World


Bábóg na Bealtaine: Mayday Ritual In Ireland

May Day, on May 1st, is celebrated throughout the northern hemisphere as the first day of summer. In Ireland the roots of the festival lie in ancient Celtic rituals held at the turning point between the seasons of Imbolc and Bealtaine. 

Here in Corca Dhuibhne May brings a new awareness of the garden. Each day, from first light, the air rings with birdsong. Nesting crows creak past overhead. Bees hum on blossoms and tiny, blood-red fuchsia buds shine against deep green foliage. One year behind the old byre I found flowers on a pear tree which, two years previously, we'd liberated from a supermarket. It had been a sad, dry stick with its roots wrapped in plastic. Now each year, as the sap rises, it promises baked fruit puddings flavoured with ginger and honey. 

The word Bealtaine (Pronounced something like 'Bee-owl-tin-neh'), said to come from Bel Tine which means 'Bel Fire', is the Irish language word for the month of May. Bel was one of the names of the Celtic sun g…

The Big Walk