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Happy New Year - in Ireland it's Oíche na Coda Móire.

Happy New Year, everyone. Here at the westernmost end of the Dingle Peninsula it's still Oíche na Coda Móire, a name which means The Night of The Big Portion and is pronounced Eee-heh Nah Cud-ah Moir-eh. Well, not quite like that but something like it. The idea is that you eat the largest meal you can manage to ensure plenty of food and prosperity in the coming year. So, even though I've written a book called   Enough Is Plenty this seems the proper occasion for a post focusing on the pleasures of the large portion. Enjoy! Fógraím iarsma oraibh uilig. Good luck to you all in the new year. Check out Felicity Hayes-McCoy's Author page on Facebook