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The Irish Feast of St. Gobnait

This trip to London was literally a case of my whole life passing before my eyes. In three days, working with a brilliant company called Crimson Cats, I’ve just recorded an unabridged audiobook of my memoir The House on an Irish Hillside . I loved it. Loved working with Michael Bartlett and Dee Palmer. Loved the fact that Wilf provided incidental music on concertina. Love the look of the classy design, and the response of readers and booksellers when they hear about it.  Now I can’t wait to hear the final edit.Tomorrow, February 11 th , we fly back to Corca Dhuibhne. The significance of that date only hit me last week as I sat at the microphone in my sound booth. February 11 th is Lá ‘le Gobnait – the feast day of St. Gobnait. Which means that as we’re sitting on a plane somewhere over the Irish Sea, high on a western clifftop, whipped by the Atlantic wind, the people of Dún Chaoin will be taking part in an ancient rite that’s survived there for thousands of years. I don’