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Me and Gandalf: Not Quite There and Back Again

So, there I was this morning, staring at my computer screen having just typed the words Chapter Six, when it seemed that the sensible thing to do next was to log on toTwitter. I believe it's called displacement activity. It appears to happen when I'm working on a novel. Normally I scroll down the latest tweets, admiring other people's input, wondering if I should come up with something myself, and knowing I'd be far better employed getting back to my deadline. But today I found myself catapulted straight back to one of the most exciting days of my life. The day I heard that my father knew Gandalf. I was probably six or seven. My father was a professor at University College Galway in Ireland - since renamed NUI Galway. He'd recently given me a copy of The Hobbit and I'd loved it. It was the first book I'd read which echoed the folktales I'd been told by my Galway granny, yet had a distinctly different flavour. And it was the beginning of