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Sinterklaas And The Second Month Of Samhain

WhenI was a child in Dublin my best friend was Diana Hesselink. I could get from my back garden to hers, over walls and across next-door's lawn, in two minutes flat.When we were both about thirteen her family moved back to Holland and I was devastated. But later that summer I was invited to Eindhoven to visit her. It was wonderful. My first flight on an aeroplane, my first holiday without my parents, and my first experience of a different country. 
And to a kid who'd never been out of Ireland, Holland really was different.

Last weekend I was back in Holland, visiting friends who've moved from London to Breda.
But this time instead of being struck by differences I was intensely aware of similarities. It started with Sinterklaas. My friends' kids go to local schools and they're integrating brilliantly.I arrived to a kitchen table fast disappearing under the orange crepe paper and papier maché creations that would wrap Sinterklaas surprises for their new classmates. Outsi…