Book Promotion in Springtime

Book promotion in Dingle can be more complex than you might expect. 

Especially if you grow spuds.

Last year the tourist office in Dingle town offered me a window display to advertise The House on an Irish Hillside and Enough Is Plenty. 

We put a kitchen chair, some posters, a couple of copies of the books and a pile of promotional postcards in the back of the car, added a twist of oat straw and a spade from the shed and drove them into town.

The lovely staff at the tourist office gave us a corner window facing onto the pier, right by the office where you book trips to visit Fungie ....

... and right through the year book lovers have paused to peer through the glass or come in to pick up a postcard and be told which shops in the  town will sell them my books.

Then today I dropped into a friend's restaurant in Green Street ...

... and suddenly I realised Spring has arrived.

Her restaurant interior has been relaid out and redecorated. Her cards and menus are being planned and designed ...

.... everything's being set up for great days and nights of great food, drink and hospitality in Fentons  - and back home in our garden we need to start setting our spuds.

Our spade, however, is an integral part of our window display  there by the statue of Fungie.

Drastic measures were required.

And that is why, if you visit Dingle's tourist office this season, you'll find an entirely new agricultural implement leaning against our kitchen chair in the corner window.

While the spade is being used to set the spuds.




  1. This is a great homegrown and "green" way to promote your book!


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