Spring Equinox on the Dingle Peninsula

The earth is waking

 Primroses and celandines gleam under briars on the ditches.

Furze smells like coconut when the sun warms its yellow flowers.

Snow lies thick on Mount Brandon, but the hills and valleys below are green with new grass. 
This year Easter falls only two weeks after St. Patrick's Day and between the two is the Spring Equinox,  when day and night are in balance and the wheel of the year turns again towards light, life and fertility.
In ancient Ireland at the turn of the year, fires were lit on the mountains and offerings were made to 
the Good Goddess and her consort the Sun God, 
to bless the earth and bring luck to seed time and harvest time.

Beneath last weekend's rituals in honour of St. Patrick were echoes of those older rites.

And this evening, high on Mount Brandon, the sunset glowed like a ritual fire .

Dingle And Its Hinterland: People, Places and Heritage
Publication date April 18th 2017


  1. From the glow of that sunset, it appears that the earth has been blessed and Spring is off and running! Lovely post Felicity. Cheers Jane


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