I Wish I Had A Kerry Cow

So I get up, weather's a bit drizzly, milk's a bit off, hair's looking dodgy, too much stuff needs filing. Dammit, I could be anywhere. What happened to the vibrant, joyous bit of this joyous, vibrant lifestyle?

Cup of tea, shower, good intentions about going straight to the computer. Open West Kerry Live instead. And there - illustrated by a cartoon of a cow chomping on dollar bills - is just what the morning called for.

Camp Cash Cow -
Sunday 7th August
1.00 - 6.00 pm

Camp's a village on the Dingle Peninsula. The event's a fundraiser for the local sports field. The ad in West Kerry Live lists the attractions ..... Tug-o-War, Dog Show, Horse Rides, Fancy Dress, Barbecue ..... 

..... so far, so ordinary ...

... and then it gets to the Cash Cow. It's sheer genius.The sports field's marked out as a grid of 500 squares. You buy a square for twenty euros. Then, throughout a tense, nail-biting day, everyone watches as a lone cow wanders the field, happily grazing. The top prize is a thousand euros. The day was a triumph. And all the winner had to do was guess which square the first cowpat would land in.

Incidentally, I Wish I Had A Kerry Cow's a traditional Irish polka. There's a brilliant version on YouTube, played by Brendan Begley and Caoimhín Ó Raghaillaigh, but I can't work out how to link it to this blog. Possibly not surprising, given my definition of genius...


  1. Amazed to find someone writing about West Kerry where I was born many moons ago. Well done. Please carry on.

  2. Delighted you like it. Certainly will.


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