Rites Of Life

It was about eleven pm and I'd been sitting at my computer for hours. That's the point when you slump into bed with your mind still buzzing, and spend most of the night groping for a pencil to make notes about what you're still writing in your head. Or you do the sensible thing instead, and take a walk.

So, down Bermondsey St; through the tunnel under the railway, with its neon pink and purple lighting; and across Tooley St. Then follow the narrow conduit of running water that leads between the office blocks to the Thames.

And there's Tower Bridge, the Tower, and the lights bouncing off the river.

And there's this. http://www.youtube.com/ritesoflife

It's a beautiful, open-air photographic exhibition. If you're in London you have to see it. If you're not, there are other images from it at


And there's a book.

I went home and slept like a log. Next day I went back to see it again.
Now I have to get that book.


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