Marbh Le Tae*

I'm blogging about tea. 

Without it I wouldn't be here today. No, literally, I wouldn't be sitting here at my computer writing this. I'd be gibbering in some padded environment where I'd been confined for my own protection. Actually, hold that thought, I need a cup of tea ...

.... had that. Better now.

So, here's what happened. My computer crashed. And - here's the ironic bit - it was caused by my anti-virus software. ( Don't ask. I can't go back over it again. It's too soon. ) So I screamed, shut down and re-booted. My screen  looked like an ultrasound image of something terribly diseased. Nothing worked. I screamed a bit more and made tea. Then I cried because there wasn't any milk.

Then I lugged it round to a wonderful guy on the Tower Bridge Rd. who got it up and running again. 

Then I lugged it home, plugged it up, re-installed my printer software, thought of starting work, and put the kettle on instead. Then I re-installed my Netgear software.

And screamed.

I'd lost my broadband connection. 

So, six hours on the phone to India. Not all at once. In hideous chunks of various sizes interspersed with brief half-hours of false elation. Time and again all seemed fine. I'd thank the technical help guy with tears in my eyes, and make a celebratory cup of tea. And then I'd try to get online again and find I couldn't.
Eventually, the magnificent second supervisor solved the problem in a shared screen session. Which was actually rather cool. He sat there in India and I sat there in Bermondsey, watching my cursor dodging round my screen. While we waited for things to happen, he told me the sun was shining in Mumbai and I told him it was pouring rain in London. And we both drank tea. 

* It's a saying in Irish. If you don't have connectivity problems you can probably find out what it means online .


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